Infertility Support in Dallas

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Infertility Support in Dallas

Individuals and couples who struggle with fertility can find it an exhausting and very isolating process. While statistics say, “one in eight couples struggles with fertility…,” most people who find themselves running the fertility treatment gauntlet feel more like a one-in-8-billion.

The good news is that you are not aloneand you may need some infertility support to buoy your spirits along the way.

5 Resources for Infertility Support in Dallas

Here are some of the resources our clients have found most helpful through the years.

1) Look for a compassionate as well as reputable fertility specialist

There’s no doubt about it; your fertility specialist is your first-line of support when it comes to both your fertility diagnosis and treatment. They are with you every step of the way, so finding a fertility specialist who boasts great IVF stats, as well as a compassionate and supportive staff, is a huge step in the right direction in feeling 100% supported along the way. The fellow patients you meet there will also serve as an invaluable support network.

2) Keep your relationship in a healthy place

Your relationship with your partner is a foundational source of support and inspiration…or is it? Unfortunately, infertility – and fertility treatments – take their toll on couples and relationships suffer as a result. Do all you can to keep the romance alive in your relationship so the two of you always have a strong refuge to sink into when the rest of the world feels solidly against you.

3) Communicate openly with family and friends

You will need your family and friends more than ever now, but what that support looks like varies from patient to patient. For some, mums the word and they let family members know not to ask, but that information will be shared as the individual/couple chooses. Others rely on daily, weekly or monthly check-ins in order to remain strong.

Consider how you want family and friends to support you on your journey, and communicate your wishes clearly. This especially important during the holidays and at other sensitive times of the year.

4) Join an infertility support group

Want proof you’re not the only one out there with your feelings of anger, shame, frustration, resentment, grief, depression, anxiety (shall we go on?) around your infertility diagnosis? Join a support group.

Visit the RESOLVE website, find an infertility support group near you – and then check it out once or twice. These peer-led support groups offer a compassionate and safe place for you to vent, share and bolster your spirits.

5) Consider seeing an infertility counselor

Infertility counselors are licensed, Dallas-area MFTs, LCSWs or psychologists who provide therapeutic services dedicated to infertile individuals and/or couples. Therapists have typically experienced infertility themselves, although not always so ask ahead of time if it’s important to you.

Infertility counseling can provide a lifeline of support and recommendations and can help you and your partner if/when your processing difficult emotions or you need to make difficult decisions: I’m flailing in the wake of another miscarriage; do we want to pursue another IVF cycle? Should we consider a sperm, egg or embryo donor? Is it time to cease trying to have a baby? An expert’s insights and coping tools are invaluable.

Would you like to work with a fertility center that keeps you connected to vital support networks along the way? Contact us here at the Fertility Center of Dallas.

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