Cancer Fertility

Children After Cancer

Although not everyone ends up having children, many people at least want to have the option. Cancer — and treatment for cancer — can sometimes take that option away or raise doubts about whether having children is even the right thing to do. The good news for people facing cancer is that, in most cases, you can become a parent if you wish. It may not happen in the way you expected before you learned you had cancer, but if you can be flexible, you’ll find there are options to help.

Cancer Fertility Resources

  • LIVESTRONG Fertility — Provides information on how cancer and cancer treatments can affect fertility as well as education on family planning before, during, and after cancer. Financial assistance for fertility treatments is also available for patients affected by cancer through a partnership between the Fertility Center of Dallas and LIVESTRONG Fertility.
  • American Cancer Society — Offers information on how cancer treatments can affect female and male fertility and discusses ways to preserve your fertility before you receive treatments.
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine — Provides downloadable fact sheets on fertility preservation for women and men who have been affected by cancer.

Talk to Your Cancer Care Team About Fertility

Before you start cancer treatment, it’s important to talk to your doctor, nurse or healthcare professional about any concerns regarding your fertility later on and the possible effects treatment may have on your sexual function and fertility.

Cancer Treatment and Fertility Preservation in Women and Men

After talking to your healthcare team, you should be sure that you understand the risks and chances of success associated with any fertility option you consider. Fertility may sometimes be saved in men who are getting radiation treatments by using modern techniques that focus the rays on a very small area.

If You Didn’t Take Fertility Preservation Measures Before Cancer Treatment

There are some other options that may work for men and women after undergoing cancer treatment. Call our offices to make an appointment and discuss available options for your situation.

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