Fertility Center Serving
Frisco, TX

Infertile Frisco Couples and Individuals Deserve a Place Where Innovation Meets Passion

Couples and individuals who live and work in Frisco, Texas deserve the support of an innovative, state-of-the-art fertility center. And, yet, the deeper heart of the matter is fancy, high-tech interiors and medical equipment mean nothing if your fertility team doesn’t have the passion, sensitivity, and willingness to stand-by-your side.

The Fertility Center of Dallas is led by two incredible doctors, J. Michael Putman M.D. and Lily Zhang Ph.D – fertility treatment powerhouses.  Both are sincerely passionate about helping Frisco individuals find personalized fertility solutions, and our specialists do that by offering one of the most connected, thorough, and patient-centric fertility treatment support.

Miracles happen at the intersection of innovation and passion, resulting in impressive fertility treatment success rates. We work hand-in-hand with patients, respecting their timeline and budget.

Take a Tour and Meet Our Incredible Staff & Facility

Anyone struggling with infertility in Frisco is invited to tour our welcoming office, innovative lab facilities, and – most importantly – to meet our incredible team of physicians and staff.

Afterwards, you’ll understand why the Fertility Center of Dallas has some of the highest fertility success rates in the state, and why our own Dr. J. Michael Putman was selected by the Baylor research team to facilitate our nation’s first successful uterine transplants, resulting in the births of healthy, full-term babies.

We Don’t Shy Away From Infertility Challenges

We are very proud of our high success rates, and also acknowledge that they could be higher if we shied away from challenging infertility cases. That is not our approach. Like the work they’ve done to facilitate revolutionary uterine transplants, Drs. Putman and Zhang support all individuals and couples, including the LGBTQ community, as patients seek help conceiving a full-term baby.

That means we don’t turn away Frisco area couples or individuals with complicated infertility factors when we believe there is a chance. This is very different from clinics that pad their numbers, selectively treating women or couples with the highest chances of success.

Ready to receive the utmost care and innovative treatment approaches as you move forward on your fertility journey? Schedule a consultation with the Fertility Center of Dallas.

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