Financial Options

The good news is employer-sponsored fertility benefits programs are slowly making their way into the American market. Fertility benefits carriers, like Progyny, make it easier for individuals and couples to obtain fertility treatments at a price they can afford. Until that trend becomes more widespread, the Fertility Center of Dallas does all we can to provide cost-effective fertility treatments.

Here are some of the ways we do that:


Progyny fertility coverage allows patients and Fertility Center of Dallas to pursue the most effective treatment, the first time, without worry that coverage will be exhausted in the middle of treatment. Together we are helping people achieve their dreams of parenthood. Ask your employer if they provide Progyny as an employment benefit.


It’s important that you know your fertility coverage before starting treatments. Call your insurance company to find out exactly what is and isn’t covered. Some of the insurance companies that we work with are:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Shield/Blue Cross
  • Baylor Scott & White (Tier 1 provider)
  • Progyny

Drug Discount Program

Unless you have health insurance that covers all – or a portion – of fertility medications, odds are you’ll be paying out of pocket. We do our best to minimize our patients’ out-of-pocket expenses by participating in a phenomenal grant program facilitated by Fertility Lifelines.

We encourage all patients to apply to their effective drug discount options, allowing you to save anywhere from 10% to 75% on fertility medications. Collectively, our collaboration with Fertility Lifelines has saved our patients more than $500,000 on their prescription drugs.

Click on the following link and fill out your Compassionate Care Application to start saving!

Special Financing Options

Everyone knows fertility treatments come with a hefty price tag, and that price tag becomes exponential if you participate in multiple IVF cycles. And, statistics indicate multiple IVF cycles yield the best chances of fertility treatment success, not to mention the ability to grow your family from one, to two, to three…until your family is complete. While paying up front isn’t always possible, reasonable monthly payment are, so individuals and couples have multiple of financing options at their disposable.

Financing options are another way to keep fertility treatment costs manageable, incorporating them into the monthly budget. Ultimately, installment payments become “just another bill to pay. Currently, Fertility Center of Dallas has a direct relationship with a leading fertility financing lender, and we recommend starting there:

CapexMD Financing

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