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Are you one of the 28,000 McKinney Residents Needing Fertility Support?

Did you know that infertility affects roughly 10% of Americans? The NIH states nearly 9% of men and 11% of women in the US experience some type of infertility. That means approximately 28,000 McKinney residents will struggle to get pregnant when they’re ready to start a family.


If you’re one of the 28,000 you are not alone. The Fertility Center of Dallas is here for you. Our world-renowned specialists provide accurate infertility diagnoses, so our patients can make informed decisions.

McKinney Fertility Success Begins with the Best Specialists

The Fertility Center of Dallas remarkable success is incubated in the minds, hearts, and hands of incredible specialists. Our fertility team works every day to support McKinney couples and individuals as we dial in on accurate diagnostics and personalized fertility treatment plans.

Our fertility specialists are known for:

Exceptional success rates

Our fertility treatment and IVF success rates are so consistent that Baylor research teams selected our own Dr. J. Michael Putman to join their research team to perform successful uterus transplants. To date, three healthy, full-term babies have been born using Dr. Putman’s and the Baylor University team’s innovative research and expertise.


Dr. Putman’s expansive and innovative approach to fertility treatments have led to his reputation as a pioneer in the field of fertility diagnosis and treatment. He and our embryologist, Lilly Zhang are go-to resources for international research publications and lecture halls.

Excelling in the face of a challenge

Some infertility cases are straightforward; others require specialists who tackle challenges head-on and stick with them. This yields diagnostic accuracy and the crafting of personalized fertility treatment plans.

Contact Fertility Center of Dallas when you’re ready to make your dreams of parenthood a reality!



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