Semen Analysis

In an estimated 40 percent of all couples experiencing fertility problems, some abnormality in the male partner is present, making semen analysis an essential step in evaluation.


Comprehensive Semen Analysis

You should abstain from intercourse for 48 hours but not more than seven days prior to collecting the semen specimen. The semen specimen should be obtained by masturbation. A special collection room is available in the office. In the event that you cannot collect the specimen by masturbation, there are special silicone condoms that you can use at home with intercourse. A specimen container will be provided for collecting in the office or transporting the specimen from home. Once the specimen has been collected, it’s important that you bring it to the office within 45 minutes. Please keep the specimen as close to body temperature as possible, as extreme cold or heat can adversely affect the analysis results. Your name, the time of collection, and your phone number should be written on the container.

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