Our IVF Lab

The IVF Lab at Fertility Center of Dallas allows our patients to receive the highest level of fertility care together with the latest in assisted reproductive technology (ART). All of our ART treatments and testing are performed in-house ensuring tighter control and security for the best chance at successful treatment.

Safety is Our Highest Concern

Fertility Center of Dallas ensures around the clock monitoring of the embryos in their care. Trust is essential in fertility treatment, and our laboratory team works hard to earn it, from daily safeguarding of embryos to forward thinking research and technology. Our patients’ most challenging  reproductive care continues to be our number one priority.


Some of the common procedures that our certified IVF lab performs:









Clean Room Laboratory Isolation

The laboratory at Fertility Center of Dallas is isolated from the outside environment by tightly sealed ceilings, walls, light fixtures, utility connections and airtight doors making it ‘impermeable’ to contaminant agents, airborne toxins and microbes from leaking into the room. The embryology lab is held pressurized above the adjacent procedure rooms so that air moves from the embryology lab to the procedure room and out. This prevents any contaminant or toxin in the air from coming into the lab through the doors. The system is also set up so that if the lab encounters serious air pollution, such as from an outside fire, heavy highway construction or a chemical spill, the embryology team can switch to a ‘submarine mode’ and can recirculate the air inside the laboratory instead of using outside air.

This complex system was designed to imitate the defense and detoxification mechanism imposed by the mother during the growth of the embryos inside her body. Laboratories that are poorly designed can lead to decreased pregnancy rates due to embryo-toxic materials in the air. Failure to isolate the sensitive and delicate embryo from these materials can lead to increased stress on the developing embryo resulting in decreased pregnancy rates. Our focus on having one of the most advanced facilities in North Texas is demonstrated by our highly successful IVF program and pregnancy rates.

Tour of Our Facility

Fertility Center of Dallas performs all of our testing, diagnostics and fertility treatments on site, requiring a state-of-the-art facility – and that’s exactly what we have here.

Do you live in or within a reasonable distance from Dallas? Please get in touch with us to schedule a tour. We’d love to show you around in person, address your questions and concerns and allow you to get a better, personal feel for our staff and team.

Live too far away for an easy visit? We’re honored you’re considering FCD as your fertility treatment specialist, and we encourage you to Take a Virtual Tour, that shows all our facility has to offer. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you – and take you on a “real” tour – the next time you’re in town.

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