Smart Fertility Benefits with Progyny progyny

Fertility Center of Dallas is excited to announce our partnership with Progyny, one of the nation’s leading fertility benefits providers.

Progyny Lowers or Eliminates Fertility Treatment Costs for Employers & Employees

Forward-thinking employers understand the importance of fertility benefits. Not only does it lower their overall medical benefits spending for current employees, offering fertility benefits helps them attract the best and brightest prospects.

As a result, employees benefit from:

  • The ability to wait and start a family when they’re ready
  • Less time spent outside of work pursuing fertility diagnostics, testing and treatments
  • Higher success rates, often during the first IVF cycle
  • Healthier pregnancies and babies
  • Lower overall costs

By partnering with Progyny, employers know that they’re fostering a healthy company culture, including a more loyal employee base who are less likely to migrate elsewhere when they’re ready to start a family.

The Progyny Team Understands Your Experience

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Progyny is that they understand where you’re coming from. The company was founded by individuals just like you. They, too, have run the gauntlet of fertility treatments and the frustrating lack of insurance coverage for treatment costs and thought, “there has to be a better way…”

Through their experience, they realized providing reasonably priced fertility benefits meant partnering with the best fertility treatment centers in the nation. By doing so, the companies providing Progyny’s benefits would ultimately save money because:

  • Their employees’ infertility diagnosis would be more accurate
  • Treatments would be more customized to the patients’ diagnosis with their Smart Cycle Plan
  • High-quality fertility treatments provided by premier providers are more successful, faster. This minimizes the need for costly repeat IVF cycles and reduces downtime from the workplace.

Thus, by partnering with the most successful and reputable fertility centers in the nation, Progyny offers more comprehensive and successful fertility treatments including IVF, egg freezing, and surrogacy to their clientele.

Smart Fertility Benefits

The folks at Progyny and the team here at Fertility Center of Dallas know that fertility benefits are the wave of the future. With at least 12% of the American population struggling with infertility, and with the increasing number of individuals choosing to be single parents, Progyny’s vision has never been more important.

In addition to better fertility options, those who use Progyny’s services benefit from additional supports such as access to their premier fertility specialist network and Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) for couples using their services. They also offer emotional wellness and fertility support tools.

Are you interested in suspending parenthood until you’re further along in your educational or career path? Do you have a medical condition and/or an existing infertility factor that could hinder your future fertility path? Egg freezing may be an option for you! Perhaps it’s time for you or your partner to learn more about companies offering Progyny fertility benefits so you can consider making a switch.

Already work for a company offering Progyny? Contact the Fertility Center of Dallas and you’ll experience fertility diagnosis and treatment by one of the nation’s premier fertility treatment providers.

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