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Couples rich in the hope of TTC via fertility treatments can wind up lacking in the realms of romance and finances. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize your connection with your partner via date nights. And, since the bank account may be more directed...

When you have been trying to conceive and haven’t been able to, fertility specialists can help determine what might be causing fertility problems. They can also provide you with guidance on treatment options to increase your chance of becoming pregnant. How do you know if it’s...

Regular exercise should be a core component of anyone's healthy lifestyle. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress, weight, and anxiety. And if you've read any (good) infertility blogs, you've surely come across a post or two recommending exercise and the maintenance of a healthy weight...

Depending on where you are in your fertility journey, the holidayscan be an emotional mine field. Two of the biggies are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. If you’re in the midst of fertility treatments, take some time to honor the emotional impact they have, and...

The typical IVF schedule mimics a 28-day menstrual cycle, so we can time everything as nature intended.


Progyny offers comprehensive fertility benefit coverage and brings together the most cutting-edge science. Along with our compassionate doctors and staff at FCD we deliver superior clinical outcomes and shorten the path to pregnancy. 


MRKH Syndrome is a genetic condition that affects the female reproductive parts while they’re developing in-utero. It occurs in about 1 out of 4500 to 5000 newborn girls.


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