Fallopian Tube Surgery

Tubal reanastamosis (Salpingo-salpingostomy), or reversal, is a microsurgical procedure for re-establishing fertility in women who have previously had their tubes tied. Fortunately for these couples, with modern surgical procedures in the hands of a trained microsurgeon, restoration of fertility occurs in up to 80 percent (under optimal circumstances) of women who have previously undergone sterilization procedures.

The Fertility Center of Dallas has a high success rate in the microsurgical reversal of female sterilization. Additionally, as many insurance companies will not cover surgical procedures for the restoration of fertility, our practice has pioneered surgical procedures to minimize hospital stays, significantly decreasing patient costs.

By combining laparoscopy with microsurgery using extremely small incisions, patients have significant reduction in postoperative discomfort. They are usually able to leave the surgical facility on the same day of the surgery or the following morning.

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