Uterus Transplant Success: A Second Birth

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Uterus Transplant Success: A Second Birth

We celebrated the end of 2017 with our news that our post, First Successful Uterine Transplant: FCD Was There, sharing the amazing news after a mother gave birth to a healthy baby – who was implanted and grown in a transplanted uterus.

Second Birth via Uterus Transplant Gives Further Hope to Women with MRKH

The first success of any research trial is good news, but that news is exponentially celebrated each and every time the trial produces successful results.

Thus, we are equally (or, perhaps even more) excited to announce the second U.S. birth of a healthy baby, via a transplanted uterus, in late February. This was part of Baylor University Medical Center’s ongoing uterine transplant clinical trial – that originally aimed to complete 10 uterus transplants. To date, four of the women participating in the trial had to have the transplanted uterus removed, leaving six remaining women with a functioning uterus and the ability to participate in IVF treatment.

When conducting an innovative trial such as this one, researchers work to find the very best medical professionals in their field to oversee each aspect of the procedure, giving themselves the best chances of producing optimal results. In this case, Baylor’s research team reviewed the IVF success rates for top fertility specialists in Texas and beyond, and arrived at the Fertility Center of Dallas’s door to request IVF assistance.

Of course, our doctors jumped at the chance and are now working with the Baylor Medical Center research team to provide exceptional IVF services to each of the women who’ve experienced successful uterine transplants.

The majority of the women participating in the trial have a rare birth defect, called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH). This means they were born without a uterus, causing them to believe they would never experience pregnancy, labor and delivery. Instead, this revolutionary trial (based on trials successful uterus transplants in Sweden) gives hope to women with MRKH and other rare or seemingly “no hope” infertility diagnoses that may be treatable over time and with more research.

Interested in working with fertility specialists who dwell on the cutting edge of the fertility treatment frontier? Schedule a consultation with us here at Fertility Center of Dallas.

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