Best Fertility Doctor in Dallas 2023

Best Fertility Doctor in Dallas

Best Fertility Doctor in Dallas 2023

Best Fertility Doctor in Dallas: 2023 D Magazine Features Fertility Center of Dallas

High fertility success rates are one part of being named one of the BEST INFERTILITY Doctors in Dallas but there is far more to it than that. Here at the Fertility Center of Dallas, we’re proud of our statistics, but we’re more proud of the positive and engaged relationships we have with our patients. The reality is that a doctor and healthcare staff’s “bedside manner” is essential for everyone to feel supported and nurtured throughout the fertility treatment path.

What Does it Take to Make the “Best” Infertility Doctor List?

Our Dr. Michael Putman has been treating all facets of infertility – for more than 25 years. While some doctors claim they remain on the cutting edge of reproductive medicine and technology, Dr. Putman have the proof to back it up.

But, as we mentioned above, it takes more than great medicine to achieve the distinction of Dallas’s best fertility doctors. Additional factors include:

Outstanding work recognized by award-winning achievements

The fertility specialists making up the initial “Best Fertility Doctor” pool are all at the top of their game. They have performed outstanding work, recognized in published medical journals, as well as garnering industry-revered awards. These are the doctors that work with the most complex and challenging infertility diagnoses and get results.

We genuinely feel it is an honor to be considered for the award, let alone win it.

Votes via peer reviews

As you can imagine, specialists are a competitive bunch, so you have to be exemplary in your field to garner a majority vote from industry peers. The D. Magazine “Best of…” awards run through a rigorous peer-review process, where thousands of Dallas doctors cast their votes for the physicians and specialists they would choose to treat their loved ones. Once those submissions are in, the magazine’s staff and a panel of anonymous physicians review the votes.

Rising to the top of that voting pool is truly a mark of distinction in our field.

Patients who believe in you

Most importantly of all are the loyal and dedicated patients who believe in us because we’ve helped their fertility dreams come true. Their positive reviews of Dr. Putman  and the FCD staff help our names to rise to the top of the pack right from the get-go. It’s those trusting, positive, and confident patients who continue to spread the word about the good work we do, and that bring our practice into the running for this established, D Magazine award pool.

Are you interested in working with a dynamic, forward thinking fertility treatment team? Schedule a consultation with the Fertility Center of Dallas.

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