Would I Make a Good Egg Donor?

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Would I Make a Good Egg Donor?

When women or couples determine it’s time to use a donor egg to increase their likelihood of fertility treatment success, egg donors are their heroines. The viable eggs you provide really do make dreams come true. Read, Using a Donor Egg for more insight on “the other side” of the egg donation coin.

Deciding to become an egg donor, requires careful consideration. We’re thrilled that you’re considering that path and thought we’d provide the following seven signs that indicate you’re ideal for the job!

Also, feel free to contact us here at the Fertility Center of Dallas if you’re interested in learning more about the egg donation process.

7 Signs You’d Make a Good Egg Donor

Here are some of the most favorable signs you’re an ideal egg donor candidate:

1. You don’t smoke

This one is non-negotiable. There are so many connections between smoking and infertility, not to mention additional health factors, that we make smoking an automatic disqualifier.

2. You’re between the ages of 21 and 30

Some egg banks accept donor eggs from women as young as 18, but we feel this is still too young to make such a momentous decision. That’s why we prefer to work with egg donors who are at least 21-years of age.

Then, we cap the donor age at 30. As you’re probably aware, female fertility declines considerably after age 30, partially due to diminished egg quality. We want the healthiest and most viable eggs possible for our patients.

3. You love helping others

We prioritize this because, while financial bonuses are always appreciated, money should never be the primary reason to donate your eggs. Your current financial needs (due to school, house hunting, career planning, life hiccups, etc.) will most likely pass. Once you’re financially sound and anchored in your career/family path, you could wind up having conflicting thoughts/feelings about egg donation (more on that later).

If your primary goal is to help others, specifically desiring to help a woman get pregnant and give birth to a baby from your egg(s), that’s a wonderful start in the right direction.

4. You’ve gone through all of the conceivable, potential “issues” related to someone else having 100% legal rights to babies conceived using your eggs/genes

You’ll go through rigorous physical and mental health exams before getting the go-ahead to donate your eggs. We recommend prospective donors go an extra step by scheduling a consultation with a therapist or psychologist specializing in fertility issues.

The thoughts, feelings, and concerns (or lack thereof) you have now can evolve and change over time. Checking in with an expert who can run you through the myriad of considerations (maybe covering topics you hadn’t considered) is a big support.

5. You  have a healthy mind and body

You’ll undergo rigorous physical and mental health evaluations, as well as a detailed review of your personal, reproductive and family medical histories.

6. You’re flexible in calendar, mind, body, and spirit

First and foremost, you need to have a flexible schedule because the fertility medications and process for ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval require precise timelinessimilar to an IVF timeline, minus the fertilization part. Also, if the woman/couple who selects you wants fresh eggs, that can put an even more impromptu set of dates in your future.

Also, the fertility medications used for egg donation (injectable meds) aren’t for the faint of heart. There is a myriad of side effects, so you should feel sure you have the inner-strength and gumption to weather the potential storm.

7. You’ve given birth to a healthy, full-term baby

While certainly not a requirement, egg banks and fertility specialists love when egg donors have been pregnant before and given birth to a healthy, full-term baby. This increases the chances your eggs are healthy, abundant and viable – and we also know you have a more full-spectrum perspective on what it means to allow someone else to use your eggs to conceive and parent a baby that you’ll never see or know.

Are you interested in donating your eggs to a Dallas-area mother-in-waiting? Contact us here at the Fertility Center of Dallas.


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