Why Choose Fertility Center of Dallas?

fertility center of dallas

Why Choose Fertility Center of Dallas?

Choosing the right fertility center is a critical step in your fertility future. These are the physicians, nurses and staff you’ll work hand-in-hand, and heart-in-hand with, as you learn more about your infertility diagnosis and create a personalized fertility treatment plan.

Ultimately, you want to find a place that strikes the right combination of fertility expertise, scientific innovation and a supportive environment that makes you feel a part of their team and family.

Fertility Center of Dallas Treats Patients Like Family

Who do you go to bat for the hardest, the longest and with the most determination? The ones you love, of course. The team at the Fertility Center of Dallas has always viewed our patients as part of our family-oriented team. Yes, we focus on cold, hard statistics, are diligent when it comes to keeping up with (and creating) the latest research and our doctors’ superb IVF success rates. However, our patients always come first.

We enjoy getting to know our patients’ stories, connect with the pain and exhaustion of their struggle and do our utmost, using everything we have, to ensure they’re diagnosed accurately so we select the fertility treatment(s) with the highest chance of success.

This approach has served us and our patients well, and is the reason why FCD continues to be one of the nation’s leading fertility centers in both statistical ratings, as well as our patient testimonials and online reviews.

We Have Some of the Highest IVF Success Rates in the Nation

By the time patients come in for their first fertility consult, they’ve already run a physical and emotional gauntlet – ranging from multiple miscarriages to years of trying to get pregnant without any luck. Some have even been through grueling cycles of fertility medications via their OB/GYNs.

Once they arrive in our office, our #1 goal is to be as thorough as possible while reviewing medical records and histories, running fertility diagnostics and getting the answers we need to make your dream baby a reality. While some women are able to achieve pregnancy via surgical treatments (common for those with endometriosis or fibroids), or the right fertility medication dose (for young women with PCOS who don’t want to end up with higher-order multiples) – we pursue treatments like IUI and IVF. If this is the case for you, you need to find an experienced doctor with high success rates.

Doctors Dr. Putman and embryologist Lilly Zhang have some of the highest success rates in the nation, so you’re in good hands. In fact, the two just made history! Their experience, knowledge and wisdom resulted in the first U.S. baby to be born via IVF, from a transplanted uterus.

We Offer an IVF Refund Program

Our IVF Refund Program helps you choose IVF in a way that saves both precious time and money in your fertility journey, while improving your chances to have a baby. Eligible patients can undergo an IVF treatment—with the ability to use all their frozen embryos, if needed, for the best chance to have a baby with their own eggs. If you do not achieve a viable pregnancy reaching 8 weeks gestation from the IVF treatment, we will refund you 50% of the cost. That’s a deal that is hard to beat!

FCD Provides Award-Winning Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive care is the foundation from which we do our work each day. Are you ready to take the next step on the fertility journey with complete confidence – and the knowledge that you’re in the best of hands? Contact the team at the Fertility Center of Dallas. Our pregnancy rates are among the highest in the nation – and we look very forward to adding your healthy, successful pregnancy to those statistics.


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