Holiday Travel with Fertility Medications

couple traveling with fertility medications

Holiday Travel with Fertility Medications

The holiday season is upon us! But, before you pack up and hit the road, make sure you’re all set for holiday travel with fertility medications. While oral meds are easy (make sure to pack them in your carryon bags), injectable fertility medications used for IVF require consistently cool temperatures and extra accessories.

The more prepared you are, including following all TSA requirements, the more you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you have everything you need – wherever your travels may find you.

5 Tips to Travel Stress-Free with Fertility Meds

Here are a handful of tips to make sure you have everything you need to get from Point A to Point B, no matter what adventures arise along the way.

1. Invest in high quality, portable cool packs

Your injectable fertility medications – both the ovarian stimulation meds and the trigger shot – must be kept at specific temperatures. These are clearly stated on both your prescription as well as the literature from your fertility specialist. In most cases, injectable medications should be stored refrigerated (36-46°F) until expiration date OR at room temperature (68-77°F) for up to 3 months of until expiration date, whichever occurs first.

A high-quality, insulated carrier with cool packs is the best way to maintain ideal temperatures when traveling. You don’t want to wing it, because a delayed or canceled flight may leave you stranded for a day or overnight.

2. Contact your airline(s) ahead of time

Contact your airlines ahead of time to explain your situation and learn more about what they require for you to travel with syringes and fertility medications in your carry-on. NEVER check fertility medications as you risk it being lost or delayed en route.

Most airlines require:

  • A letter written by a nurse or physician at your fertility center
  • Copies of your prescription
  • Packaging that fits inside your carryon and meets current TSA regulations

You can also visit the TSA webpage about What to Expect When Flying with Meds, including their 3-1-1 rule pertaining to liquid medications.

3. Consider using a specialty pharmacy

Did you know there are specialty pharmacies wholly dedicated to supporting patients just like you? Fertility specialty pharmacies have techs and staff that are well-versed in everything fertility. In addition to providing expert advice and information about fertility medications, injection education, and so on, they are eager to ensure you have your meds where and when you need them. That means you can have meds sent ahead, or during your holiday stay, to wherever you need them. This can eliminate much of your travel stress altogether.

4. Make a detailed fertility medication accessories list

Before you’re in the midst of the travel haze and craze, make a thoughtful and detailed list of everything you’ll need – and act like your stay is a few days longer than planned to account for potential delays or cancellations.

  • Cool storage and pre-frozen packs
  • Medications
  • Printed prescriptions/letters from fertility center nurse/doctor
  • Printed copies of insurance information
  • Copies of pharmacy contact information
  • Syringes/needles
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Gauze/band aids (if you use them)
  • Portable/travel-safe sharps disposal containers

Ask your fertility specialist if they have a pre-written checklist you can go over. If not, bring yours with you or give the nurse a call to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

5. Don’t forget to “keep calm” while traveling on

Finally, stress doesn’t support your journey. The body’s reaction to stress is to push out of the logical, methodical mind into a more scattered, fight/flight state of being. The more you focus on stress management and going with the flow, the easier the holidays will be.

Already stressing about the holiday season in general? Visit Enjoying the Holidays While Trying to Conceive.

The Fertility Center of Dallas wishes you an enjoyable holiday season – complete with a successful journey with your fertility medications. Feel free to contact us if you need us; we’re here for you! 214-823-2692.

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