7 Tips for Surviving the Two Week Wait

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7 Tips for Surviving the Two Week Wait

Two weeks can go by in a flash – or drag on as if you’re in the doldrums. Standing in limbo during the “two week wait” (2WW) after IVF  feels like an impossibly long stretch.

7 Tips to See You Through 14-days of the post-IVF Waiting Game

Here are seven of the tips our patients recommend to pass the days more quickly – or at least more enjoyably – until you can finally take that long-awaited pregnancy test.

1) Try to take some time off work

If you aren’t able to take the whole two-weeks off – do try to take a week (or at least a few days) off immediately after your embryo transfer. First, it’s always a good idea to take it easy – and staying at home or in a relaxing location facilitates that. Secondly, the distraction caused by the 2WW can make you restless, less able to focus, jittery and distracted, which makes work more challenging and stressful.

2) Use a mindfulness app to remain centered and calm

That aforementioned jitteriness can turn into gadget addiction as you madly check the calendar to count days, minutes and hours, or reach yet again to chat/text/post to another friend. In other words, you’re like an addict of sorts, blindly reaching for that next fix.

Instead, download one (or more) of these 5 Free Mindfulness Apps from mindfulness.org and go there instead. It’s like free cognitive behavioral therapy – transforming anxiety and quick-fix mode to a more mindful and peaceful approach.

3) Enjoy some serious spa and pampering time

What are you asking for this holiday and/or birthday season? You may want to begin asking for gift certificates for massages, acupuncture, mani-pedi and other “self-care” treats. Stock them up and cash them in during the TWW. Using one a day, or one every other day, will give you something to focus on that is all about promoting your mind-body connection and facilitating holistic well-being.

4) Immerse yourself in the fictional world of TV, cinema and/or books

What you’ll want to do is google endlessly, re-researching everything you’ve researched and learned already. That’s crazy-making. Instead, immerse yourself in those streamable series and movies you haven’t had time for. Get into a great book series or re-read childhood favorites. It will help to keep your mind off you and whether or not your embryo is doing what it’s supposed to in there.

5) Don’t panic about spotting, brown discharge or the wealth of sensations in your pelvic region

A little spotting or bleeding is completely normal during the TWW, the result of your medications and the (hopefully) implanting embryo – which is known to cause cramping, too. Most of your pelvic sensations were there before – you’re just hypersensitive now and have a TWW in which to focus on it. Contact your clinic if you’re worried, but statistically speaking, all is probably well.

6) Use the budget for scads of pregnancy tests on something fun

 All those negatives (which WILL show up as negative because it’s simply too soon) will only cause you unnecessary grief. Instead, spend that money on something fun for yourself.

7) Take a walk

Get outside, in nature, and breathe deep. Mother Nature is a healer, soother and reminder of,
“all good things, in all good time.”

The Fertility Center of Dallas wishes you the best of luck during your TWW!

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