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Having one functioning fallopian tube should not affect your ability to get pregnant as long as there aren’t other infertility factors at work. If, however, there is an anatomical abnormality or blockage in your functioning tube or you are diagnosed with additional infertility issues such...

There is a lot of information out there about the injectable fertility medications used to stimulate ovarian follicles to produce higher-than-normal numbers of mature eggs. The most common versions of these medications come in the form of the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), with common pharmaceutical names...

Knowing when you’re ovulating is essential because it takes an egg to grow a baby. Plus, the female egg has a shorter lifespan than healthy sperm. So, while sperm can enjoy swimming around in the cervical and fallopian tubes for days (three to five days...

Ovulation problems are the primary culprit in over a quarter of the the fertility cases reported by women. Quite simply, when your body’s ability to ovulate is disrupted or impaired, you cannot conceive a child. But knowing that a problem exists only narrows down the...

Is “conceive a baby” your primo New Year’s Resolution this year? If so, the following fertility tips will help you along the way. Remember that it takes most women an average of about 12-months to get pregnant – and there’s no need to seek outside fertility...

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