5 Things Women Should Know Before Starting IVF

Starting ivf

5 Things Women Should Know Before Starting IVF

Hindsight is always 20/20 with anything in life – but wouldn’t it be nice if some lessons didn’t have to be learned the hard way especially when starting IVF treatments?

5 Things Women Should Know Before Starting IVF

Knowing the following may ease your way along the IVF treatment journey – even if they aren’t all easy to read or accept.

1) Fertility treatments should become the primary focus of your life

This might sound crazy to those who already feel like infertility is the focus of their life. However, most women respond to the fertility treatment calendar in the same way they do every other things you calendar in life – as something that fits in alongside everything else. However, it doesn’t work that way.

If you’re pursuing IVF, just about everything else in your life will need to take a backburner – nothing anything that requires your close attention to detail or serious energy. If you overcommit – or think your calendar will bend to your fertility treatment whims – you’ll wind up disappointed and with a lot of cancellations to communicate.

2) Giving yourself shots isn’t all that hard, really!

Most women (and their partners) are scared to death when starting IVF and often it’s about giving themselves shots, a requirement when you’re taking the injectable fertility meds required for egg retrieval. The good news is, it’s not nearly as hard as you think.

These medications are injected subcutaneously, meaning right under the skin, using a very small needle. It’s the same type of needles used by those with diabetes who require insulin shots. Thus, there isn’t a whole lot of expertise required and after the first few injections, they’re rarely painful.

3) Your body will no longer feel like your own – and it’s going to change

Hormones are powerful. If you’ve ever suffered from a really bad round of PMS, you have a general idea. However, once you’re taking fertility medications, you’ll experience hormones in new and ever stronger ways.

You will no longer feel control of your emotions, your moods or your reactions to things. Your body will change – bloating, cramping, abdominal bruising, food cravings, potential weight gain, breast tenderness, an inability to exercise normally leading up to and after egg retrieval – all take their toll. The more you and your partner know and accept this ahead of time, the more you will be able to grin-and-bear-it (saying – “it’s the hormones again….”) as you go up and down the roller coaster.

4) You’ll need more support than you originally thought

Your partner, friends and family are there for you but they may not be enough to cut it when the going gets tough. It’s wise to line up a few different layers of infertility support before starting IVF treatments so they’re there for you if you need it.

Read, Infertility Support in the Dallas Area for more information along those lines, and don’t forget that fertility counselors can provide invaluable support for yourself and your relationship with your partner.

5) It may not work the first time.

Every couple wants to believe they’re different and that IVF will be successful in the first round or two. However, statistically – this isn’t the case. You can be assured that at FCD we do our best to give you the outcome you desire in the shortest amount of time.

Contact Fertility Center of Dallas to work with fertility specialists who are honest, committed and personalized in their approach to your fertility future. We’ll make sure you know everything you should before embarking on IVF or any other fertility treatment options.

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