Safety of Your Frozen Eggs and Embryos


Safety of Your Frozen Eggs and Embryos

Are your embryos stored at the Fertility Center of Dallas? If so, we want you to have complete peace of mind, knowing your future fertility is safe, secure and cared for, 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

As our own Dr. J. Michael Putman said in a recent WFAA Channel 8 newsbreak, “We are the guardians of the embryos – or the sperm, or the eggs…,” and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Fertility Center of Dallas Guards Frozen Embryos 24-7

In the wake of the devastating malfunctions of the cryopreservation tanks, we want to extend our sincere and heartfelt apologies to any individuals or couples whose embryos were affected. For some, the creation of a new embryo is still possible, while for others, certain windows of opportunity may have closed.

This is why we take our guardianship so seriously. We understand that each embryo, each sperm sample and every, single frozen egg in our care represents the hopes and dreams of our patients.

Any temperature changes trigger a multi-point alarm system

The embryos at FCD are kept at -190°C (that’s negative-190 degrees Celsius), lower than the required “safe zone” for cryogenically preserved tissues. This way, a notable temperature shift can occur without any negative effects on embryos, eggs and/or sperm stored there.

If the temperature shifts above or below -190° C, an immediate alert is sent out via phone message to four different employees, and internal alarm lights begin to flash inside the center as well. As physicians and fertility experts whose schedules are wholly devoted to the cycles of our patients, there is simply no way these alerts would ever be missed.

Embryos are checked daily

Since our embryos are so precious, we check on them every single day -ensuring all is well, there are no signs of tampering and that everything is as it should be. Technically, our innovative and highly-sensitive alarm systems make this step “unnecessary,” but to us, personally verifying that the storage room, the cryogenic storage tank and the embryos are safe and sound is something we look forward to and prioritize. It’s a part of the daily routine.

Tanks are passcode locked and monitored 24/7

Both our lab director, Dr. Lilly Zhang, and Dr. Putman check in on the embryos regularly, and they also protect the safety of the eggs via passcode locks and tamper-sensitive alarm monitoring. These security measures are highly-sensitive. Anytime the tanks are accessed, the date, time and ID-specific code is logged in our cloud-based alarm system, so we can track the tank’s activities and ensure they resonate with the center’s scheduled access dates and times.

Fertility Treatments Are Innovations in the Making

We do all we possibly can to safeguard the hopes and dreams of our patients, but we’re also aware that we work in a field that is constantly innovating in the wake of scientific research, evidence and technological advancements. For that reason, we’ll learn all that we can from the devastating accidents that have occurred elsewhere in the past months, and will continue to augment our current safety systems with new technology as it arises.

Do you have questions regarding the security or viability of your eggs, sperm or embryo(s) here at FCD? Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can address each of your questions or concerns. We promise you, your fertility future is in excellent hands. 214-823-2692.

image: shutterstock/Elena Pavlovich

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