This procedure evaluates the inside cavity of the uterus, the endometrial cavity. The endometrial cavity is lined by hormonally active cells that provide the perfect environment for the human embryo to implant and grow into a fetus. Distortion of the cavity by overgrowths of the lining (endometrial polyps), fibroid tumor of the uterus muscle cells, or scar tissue (intrauterine adhesions) can prevent implantation of the embryo or result in early pregnancy loss.

The view is enhanced by filling the endometrial cavity with a sterile saline solution. A tiny catheter is placed through the uterine cervix and the fluid is passed through the catheter. This fluid distends the cavity, allowing better ultrasound evaluation. Cramping may occur during the procedure; however, most patients have either minimal or no discomfort. If abnormalities are found, then a minor surgical procedure (hysteroscopy) can be scheduled to correct the problem. You will take an antibiotic beginning the day before the procedure as well as the day of the sonohysterogram to decrease any risk of infection. The procedure is usually scheduled seven to ten days after the first day of the menstrual period. You will need to call the Fertility Center of Dallas at the start of your menstrual period and speak with a nurse to schedule the sonohysterogram. Please have your pharmacy number available, and inform the nurse if you have a known allergy to any antibiotic.

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