Fertility Center of Dallas Partners With Progyny

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Fertility Center of Dallas Partners With Progyny

Does your company health plan include fertility treatment coverage? Until relatively recently, this question was met with resounding, “Nos,” all across the nation. Now however, progressive companies are doing all they can to support their employees in obtaining affordable fertility treatments.

That’s why the Fertility Center of Dallas (FCD) is so excited to announce our partnership with Progyny, a leading provider of employer-based fertility benefits. We consider this both an honor and a privilege because Progyny only works with the very best fertility experts in the nation – and they’ve chosen to partner with us!

Anyone Who Wants to Have a Child Can

Like FCD, the founders of Progyny envision, “…a world where anyone who wants to have a child can do so.” Unfortunately, financing is often the biggest hurdle when it comes to paying for the fertility treatment(s) – often more than one cycle – required to have a baby.

As more forward-thinking companies understand the challenges facing individuals and couples who’ve received an infertility diagnosis, the more we hope to see them taking advantage of Progyny’s revolutionary approach to making fertility insurance a part of the health insurance norm.

Progyny’s Founders Understand the Infertility Struggle

Not surprisingly, Progyny’s founders battled infertility themselves, and realized there needed to be a more comprehensive solution to ensuring all individuals and couples have equal opportunity to become parents if they wanted to – without having to suffer the hefty price tag so often attached to the process.

Does Your Employer Provide Fertility Benefits?

The large majority of infertility diagnoses are related to medical issues and conditions, and should be covered by insurance. Fears of repeat IVF cycles and the potential bottomless pit of failed treatments cause them to turn away and act like infertility isn’t a medical issue. Money and the company’s bottom line are the leading reasons most large companies shy away from offering fertility benefits.

Progyny’s stringent requirements for fertility specialist partners is one way they’re shifting the employer fertility benefits cost paradigm. By using top fertility specialists, with the highest IVF and fertility treatment success rates, they help to conserve the company’s overall expenditures.

Do you work for a large company or corporation that doesn’t offer fertility benefits? Schedule a meeting with HR and direct them to Progyny’s “For Employers,” page. This could be the first step in getting affordable fertility benefits for you and/or your partner – because benefits are implemented without any precertification requirements.

Progyny Benefits Make Companies More Attractive to Top-Quality Candidates

For women who plan to wait and secure their career success before starting a family, to those who know or suspect they have an infertility factor at work, a company’s implementation of a fertility benefit program makes all the difference.

Companies who use Progyny can attract better candidates, and also benefit from improved employee loyalty and a more positive company culture. Who doesn’t want to work for a company who makes its employees’ well-being a priority?

Do Your Work for a Company that Offers Fertility Insurance?

If you’re an employee fortunate enough to work for a company offering fertility insurance thru Progyny or another fertility insurance provider, the Fertility Center of Dallas is here to help. Contact us to schedule a fertility consult and we’ll handle all the insurance legwork to facilitate a smooth, affordable fertility treatment experience.

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