Five Steps to Take After an Infertility Diagnosis

infertility diagnosis

Five Steps to Take After an Infertility Diagnosis

When you have been diagnosed with fertility problems, it’s understandable to feel unsure about how you should handle it or what you should do. The following steps for infertility recovery can help you come to terms with your condition and take an active part in determining what to do about it.

Learn About Infertility

Ask your doctor questions about infertility, look up reliable information online, and find out if there are educational programs on infertility that you can take at local clinics or hospitals. Knowing more about the cause of your infertility and the options you have for increasing your chance of conception can help you feel calmer and more in control of your condition.

Seek Treatment

Schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist to get an accurate diagnosis and determine what treatment options you have. A fertility specialist will go over your options and help you choose the best course of treatment, depending on the cause of your fertility problems. Choosing the right fertility center is a critical step in your fertility future. These are the physicians, nurses and staff you’ll work hand-in-hand as you learn more about your infertility diagnosis and create a personalized fertility treatment plan.

Ask for Support

Turn to loved ones for support instead of keeping your emotions to yourself. You can also find support by joining online groups for those with fertility problems or check your local area for support groups. Knowing that you are not alone in this journey may buoy your spirits along the way. Emotional support from others is an important part of infertility recovery.

Take Up Hobbies

Take your mind off of fertility issues by spending time pursuing a hobby or two that you really enjoy. This can help you maintain a positive attitude and reduce your risk of depression as you go through fertility treatment or weigh treatment options.

Stay Active

We have a list of some our favorite day trips in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area to take you mind off of fertility treatments. We love Dallas, but we also are aware that patients are more likely to fret and worry than get out and see the local sites. For that reason, we recommend getting out of Dallas Metro area and taking a day trip or two, exploring some of the fun, beautiful, and interesting things to do in the area.

For more information about infertility diagnosis and other fertility topics, contact the Fertility Center of Dallas or call us at 214-496-5153.


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