FCD’s Favorite Fertility Blogs of 2019

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FCD’s Favorite Fertility Blogs of 2019

If there’s one thing we hear often from our patients, it’s that they feel so isolated in their experience. While statistics make infertility less rare than you might think (1 in 8 couples), that isn’t very helpful if you and your partner are the only ones you know going through it.

That’s where well-written fertility blogs come in.

FCD’s Favorite Fertility Blogs

Not only do fertility blogs give you a way to read – and feel – that there are others out there just like you, you’ll be amazed at how much you nod, laugh and tear up as you read them. Fertility blogs are a fantastic way to gain some support, without having to be up close and personal about your own story before you’re ready.

Here are some of the FCD team’s favorite blogs. We’ve tried to provide a sampling of blogs that share a variety of different stories along the same infertility path. It’s our hope that reading and following some of these blogs provides comfort, and may even inspire you to begin keeping your own fertility blog (published or not), as a way of helping you cope.

Dreaming of Diapers

This blog, written by an Anonymous author (that alone makes it unique within the Blogosphere) packs a powerful punch. In addition to posts highlighting the physical, emotional and spiritual struggle the infertility experience entails, Dreaming of Diapers also covers the multi-layered process of deciding and selecting a gestational surrogate when IVF isn’t working.

Scantily Dad

We’ll be honest – when it comes to sharing the infertility journey, women far outnumber the men. That’s why we want to honor the blog, Scantily Dad, written by  James (from Dublin, Ireland). At this posting, his most recent blog is titled, Why Do Men Feel Shame at Their Infertility? The male perspective may be helpful for all couples, especially those coping with male infertility.

The blog was started when James’s very premature babies were struggling in ICU, in the hope that, “the blog will help people that are going through IVF as well as entertain parents with funny stories and useful tips and lessons that I learn along the way.”

The Stirrup Queens

In addition to a blog, The Stirrup Queens site is also an epicenter of information, resources and other infertility blogs – which makes it worth bookmarking. Author Melissa, who often pens herself “Mel,” is also the author of a book about infertility and pregnancy loss called, Navigating the Land of If.

Because her site is so extensive, we recommend starting at the, Navigating This Site page – which provides a mini-tour of how her site is laid out and which resources live where.

Hilariously Infertile

The title alone piqued your interest, didn’t it? The blog, Hilariously Infertile, is written by another anonymous blogger (anonymous because she’s a public school teacher who doesn’t want all the intimate details known around town). She has a fantastic sense of humor and a desire, “…to help other women laugh their way through their treatment, while their feet are in the stirrups and their vaginas are enjoying the fresh fertility clinic air.”

Her blogs are funny, and if you can’t laugh – the journey is that much more painful, right?

Bottles & Banter

Many people mistakenly believe that if you get pregnant and have a child once, you can do it again.  In fact, this isn’t the case. Every year, 3.5 million Americans who have a biological child decide to have another one and – – – -can’t get pregnant. This is called secondary infertility.

Among other infertility topics, the blog, Bottles & Banter, shares the couple’s struggle with secondary infertility.

The supportive team here at the Fertility Center of Dallas know how difficult the infertility journey can be. Blogs like this can help to keep you inspired, and we hope they bring you comfort and the definite understanding that you are not alone. Need help gaining an accurate infertility diagnosis and treatment? Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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