FCD Designated Aetna Institute of Excellence


FCD Designated Aetna Institute of Excellence

The Fertility Center of Dallas is both pleased and proud to announce our designation as an Aetna Institute of Excellence.

Enhanced Fertility Care with Aetna Institute of Excellence Designation

It is not easy to be designated by Aetna of an Institute of Excellence. It is their highest and most distinguished level within their preferred specialists listings. To garner this distinction, a healthcare specialist must meet and exceed stringent criteria, including:

  • Number of procedures
  • Success rates
  • Cost-effective care
  • Low hospital readmission rates
  • Low complication numbers

Fertility specialists undergo an even more rigorous review of records and statistics before being approved by Aetna’s Institute of Excellence program. You can Click Here to read Aetna’s extended requirements for fertility centers.

This designation is just more proof of why our fertility center is one of the most trusted and successful IVF center in the nation.

Making High-Quality Fertility Care & Treatment More Affordable

The second reason we’re so thrilled about our approval as an Aetna Institute of Excellence is that it gives us the ability to offer high-quality fertility care and treatment, to an even wider range of couples and individuals, for a more affordable cost.

Interested in learning more about whether our partnership with Aetna will optimize your fertility chances? Contact the Fertility Center of Dallas or call the Membership Services number written on the back of your Aetna insurance card.

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