Activities for Out of Town Patients

skyline of Dallas, Tx

Activities for Out of Town Patients

While fertility appointments can be many and daily, especially during IVF cycles, out-of-town patients still have a lot of downtime on their hands. Whether you’re here in Dallas-Fort Worth for your first rounds of infertility testing or you’re spending the next week or two preparing for a round of IVF, we want patients and their loved ones to get out and see the sights.

7 Activities for Out of Town Patients In & Around Dallas

Getting out to see the local sights and taking advantage of fun or interesting things to do helps prevent your mind from fretting and worrying about what brought you here.

1. Rekindle the romance

If your partner is with you, take some time to rekindle the romance. By now, there’s a good chance that you’ve talked about nothing but fertility treatments for longer than you’d like to think about. Now, you’re here, and the solutions are being worked out. It’s time to put that mind chatter to rest and enjoy being out of town with your partner.

There are so many fun date night opportunities in our area. Think about what you’d like to do together, what you’ve missed doing, or your favorite ways to have fun together – and then get out there and take advantage of the area’s offerings. Read Unique Date Nights in Dallas to get the idea wheels turning.

2. Reunion Tower Observation Deck

The Reunion Tower is a gorgeous geo-dome resting 476 feet in the air. We recommend visiting it twice – once by day and once by night to enjoy a well-rounded perspective. The views are incredible. Also, if we piqued your interest in the date night idea, check out their Fun Date Night package for a night you’ll never forget. Or, just head up on your own.

3. Play Games at Nerdvana in Frisco

Nerdvana-Frisco is one of the most fun places to hang out in all of Texas. They feature a massive selection of both digital and physical board games – many of which you probably never knew existed. Their kitchen has a delicious menu – all made from scratch. Game on!

4. Catch a Performance By the Dallas Symphony

The Dallas Symphony has an active calendar. It’s rare they don’t have a performance or two per week. Once you’ve booked your appointments, visit the Dallas Symphony Calendar and see if one of their varied performances catches your attention.

5. Practice Gratitude at Thanks-Giving Square

Did you know that creating a regular gratitude practice is considered part of self-care? It is proven to diminish stress, improve health, and provide a more positive perspective on life. There’s no better place to bless your new Gratitude Journal or begin a daily “Thank You” practice than at Thanks-Giving Square.

The sunken design of the Garden at Thanks-Giving Square creates a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Flowing waters from the Great Fountain dampen the noises of the surrounding city and create a serene atmosphere perfect for reflection and contemplation. The upper level of the Chapel features the “Glory Window,” a stunning stained glass masterpiece and one of the most unique and memorable facets of the Chapel. Prepare to be moved and awed.

6. Immerse Yourself In Monet & The Impressionists

Even non-art fans are blown away by the new trend of immersive digital art. You may have heard of the Immersive VanGogh experience, which took the world by storm. Dallas is now a hosting city for the Immersive Monet & The Impressionists. There is no way to describe the effect this “masterpiece of the senses” has on its attendees. Lose yourself in some of the most beautiful (and famous) artworks of the late 19th century.

7. Take a Segue Tour & Combine the Best of Both Worlds

Torn between whether to spend your time in the cityscape or out in Mother Nature? There’s no need to pick. You can take a Best of Both Worlds Segue Tour and do it all. This tour takes you on a two-hour adventure through downtown Dallas, Trinity Parks trails, and the Clear Fork of the Trinity River.

Don’t feel like Segueing? Head out on the trails on foot. Check out the Best 10 Trails & Hikes in Dallas.

FCD Provides Personalized Recommendations of Thing-to-Do in Dallas

Are you planning visits to the Fertility Center of Dallas for upcoming treatments? Contact us ahead of time. Our staff is always happy to provide personalized recommendations on activities and things to see for out-of-town patients.

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