How Male Infertility is Evaluated and Diagnosed

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How Male Infertility is Evaluated and Diagnosed

In 30-40 percent of all fertility cases, male infertility is the underlying cause. If you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving, it’s important that both of you get a thorough evaluation. Yet many men are still uncomfortable and fearful of the process.

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation will begin with a general medical examination to check for any medical conditions which may contribute to infertility. This may include a review of medications you are taking, a review of your family medical history, and a comprehensive look at your exercise and fitness habits. You should be prepared to have an open and honest discussion during this evaluation about your current sex habits and any complications you may have during intercourse.

Semen Analysis

Once the initial examination is completed, your doctor will conduct a semen analysis to evaluate the quality of your sperm. In the majority of the cases involving male infertility, poor sperm quality is the primary culprit. A specialist will analyze your sperm and semen to ensure normal shape, count, and movement.

Physical Issues

In some cases of male infertility, the issue is a strictly physical problem. There may be an underlying blockage with the testes or veins. In these cases, fertility issues can usually be corrected with non-invasive outpatient surgery to correct the issue.

Hormone and Genetic Analysis

Some men suffer from hormonal imbalances or genetic issues which reduce the number of sperm produced. While this is not a common cause, it’s a good idea to rule this out if no other cause is found. Likewise, men may be genetically enable to reproduce.

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