Tips for Making Your Injections Less Painful - Fertility Center of Dallas
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Tips for Making Your Injections Less Painful

Tips for Making Your Injections Less Painful

IVF shots are not as difficult or painful as you might think. For many of our patients, getting over the initial hump of fear to the shots is the hardest part.

Here are a few tricks of the trade:

  1. Stay calm. Nervousness or the desire to “hurry up and get it over with,” can compromise things. Tense, tight skin and muscle fibers make shots more uncomfortable, shaking hands or a rushed approach cause the needle to bounce out before all the medication is injected.
  2. Celebrate your womanly curves. Always hated that extra pooch of skin on your tummy, hips or bum? Now, that extra cushion will serve as extra protection between sensitive nerve endings and the tip of the needle.
  3. Know you don’t have to be a pro. The needles used for fertility medications are the same ones used by diabetics of all ages, who use the short, subcutaneous (right under the skin, not into the muscle) needles to administer insulin. It doesn’t require a professional medical degree – just a little practice makes perfect, we promise!

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