Affordable IVF in Dallas

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Affordable IVF in Dallas

It can feel overwhelming when facing an infertility diagnosis with a fertility treatment recommendation of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). While the process of IVF can feel daunting, financing this expensive treatment can push you right over the stress threshold – which is exactly what we want to avoid.

The good news is that IVF can be affordable with a little proactive planning and research.

How to Make IVF Affordable

Here are some of the ways the Fertility Center of Dallas works to keep IVF costs as affordable as possible. Feel free to contact us to discuss your experience or to learn about our IVF Refund Program (more on that below).

Accurate diagnosis and non-IVF treatments

Accurate diagnosis is key to keeping minimizing fertility treatment costs. Failure to identify the exact causes of your infertility can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments. DO take the time to research fertility specialists in your area and choose one with fertility treatment and IVF success rates that are higher for your age bracket, diagnosis and/or treatment recommendation.

Paying more at the outset for the most sought-after specialists pays-off in terms of accurate diagnosis that leads to more efficient and effective treatments.

Pay attention to insurance carrier coverage of fertility treatments

Here’s another reason why accurate infertility diagnosis is so important: certain anatomical/clinical diagnoses can be reversible via surgical treatments, like endometriosis, fibroid tumors, uterine septum, etc. Certain surgical treatments are covered by insurance carriers.

Look for special offers and discounts

At the Fertility Center of Dallas, we offer an IVF Refund program for qualifying patients.  We use the Univfy PreIVF Report, which takes personalized data from your reproductive data to determine how likely you are to experience IVF success. This report is offered free of charge to our patients.

Qualifying patients are then guaranteed a 50% refund of IVF costs if they’re unable to achieve a viable pregnancy reaching 8-weeks’ gestation from the IVF treatment cycle.

Financing options yield reasonable monthly payments

Finally, your fertility center should offer financing options with that allow you to make reasonable monthly payments. Financing options are typically offered by lenders who specialize in medical lending, such as Prosper Healthcare Lending or the Lending Club.

The combination of accurate diagnosis and expert treatment (note the theme, here?), along with credit-based financing can make your IVF cycles the equivalent of a monthly car payment.

Don’t let a fear of financing IVF treatment keep you from becoming the parents you long to be. Contact us here at the Fertility Center of Dallas and we’ll explore all the ways we can make IVF more affordable for you.


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